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LeadsDate enables
to set B2B meetings
at office tower buildings. 


Can I be the first to add my building's community to the site?

Yes you can! Please contact us here.

How can I Send email and chat with site members?

Click the chat from the pop-up chat window in every page and search for the relevant member. Any message you send will also reach the member private email.

Everything starts in your members area at the top right corner: 

How can I update my company profile and B2B connections and why?
Go to "Update my company profile"
for your company profile update and "Update my B2B network profile" for your B2B connections update. Both sections can be found in your member area. An updated profile will h
elp site members find and learn about your business through the site B2B search (To view your updated company profile please search your company name at the "Companies" section or go to "My Account" through the members area). 

How can I submit a meeting request?
Go to "Submit my meeting request" in your member area to choose a building and a company you are interested to meet.

How can I manage meetings requested from me?
Go to "Received meetings requests" in your member area. 

How can I manage my account?
Go to "My account" in your member area. You can view your contact details: name, email, phone number and  your community page URL. You can also edit your member "Display Name", so other site members can find you and send you messages.


How can I see my site activity?
Go to "My Personal Profile" in your member area. Here you can see your news posts, your activity notifications and how you want to receive your notifications through the settings section.



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